Food, sportsball 

The boys got clean houses AND carrots tonight to celebrate the Bucks game!

@gusgus honestly loves watching sports, and gets excited when he hears Giannis mentioned. @jaq isn't sure what to make of all the noise, but enjoys pictures.

My lil fam is the cutest one.

[two photos, one of Gus - a black and white guinea pig - and another of Jaq - a tan and white guinea pig - eating carrot slices in their lil houses]

Hehe @jaq is having fun trying to figure out where @gusgus just went.

I love how much they enjoy this game, even when they can't be together sans barriers.

@gusgus and @jaq have had quite a morning:

1) Run together (separated by a fence, natch)
2) Get clean cage
3) Immerse self in hay
4) profit?

Pet surgery, abscess talk 

@gusgus is out of surgery! It went well.

They're not sure if the cheek abscess was actually related to that incisor, so it might actually be two separate ones.

That incisor was broken in two, though, so that plus food guck finding its way into the socket likely caused that abscess.

We'll have to flush the cheek once a day and really work on preventing bacterial growth there.

We get to pick him up at 5.

I’ve been pooped on by both boys today.

Most important mom job ✅

Guinea Pig Party!

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