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I made a website!

I still want to tweak it and make it more accessible but for now it's got posts about my guinea pigs and a few other things.

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Who's that just sitting there?

Oh, it's me, putting the cute in executive dysfunction

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I was previously on, then, then, before deciding to start my own instance! If you've followed me through all those moves, I appreciate you so much. :)

I should add that I found those all good places to be in the fediverse so if you are looking for a new instance check them out!

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Hey look, it's another post!

I'm a thirty-something human (ignore the profile picture) who loves guinea pigs, women's ice hockey, and baseball. I also enjoy , especially in music. I'm interested in hearing and voices. Offline I'm very much an but online I probably reply too much. If I'm annoying, tell me and I'll try to get better!

Follow my piggies @gusgus and @jaq for fun!

mastodon, or as i like to call it “holy shit everyone’s so hot dot com”

This pun brought to you by the book I'm reading about the Byzantine empire :blobthumbsup:

Masto meetup idea: international gathering in Istanbul so we can all say Hiya @sophia while they take photos of the Hagia Sophia.

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I'd rather things were advertised this way -- "one three-inch step," "narrowest doorway/hallway is X inches," "unlit outside," "mechanical keysafe lock, where numbers are on a dial so you have to actually see them and not guess position from a keypad" -- than be called "accessible" when they aren't.

"Fully accessible" never is, so give us the details.

If you don't know what they are, hire disabled people to tell you. We need the money, and we are highly motivated for these things to be better!

*sniffs timeline*
*closes computer*

A goal I think aro activism should focus on is building and supporting systems of community care.

I think an important part of aro activism should be creating space for the possibility of never having a romantic partner. But, that means more than just being single, it also means making sure people can survive and thrive while single.

Our amatonormative world expects a lot of the support we need as people to come from our romantic partner. But, if you don’t have one, does that mean you just shouldn’t get the support?


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The old woman scrutinized the crystal sphere at length before looking back at the crow, "Hmm. Are you sure you wish to know what I've seen?"

The crow gave her a withering look - she hadn't thought a bird could impart such an expression.

"Alright. I'm sorry to inform you that your chances of winning the Peanut Lottery are nil. It doesn't exist; that squirrel deceived you."

With an angry squawk the crow spread its wings and furiously took flight, taking her sharpest letter opener with it.


The fortune teller regarded the crow perched upon her scrying orb. Her window was open, so its presence was not inexplicable.

It held in its beak a large silver coin.

"Are you an omen?" she asked in a cautious, polite tone.

The crow puffed up and shook its head, then dropped the coin into her payment bowl.

"Ah, I see," she murmured, taking a seat," This will work better if you sit elsewhere."

The crow hopped down obediently.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

"Great for aerating your candy garden soil."


Today I learned...

"2 feet long... About 3 pounds! That is roughly the same weight as the world’s largest non-gummy worm, Microchaetus rappi."

Ok so far the USPS says my package has departed the same airport twice on consecutive days so that seems not great

Let's be less hostile, we're better than that

anyway here's a custom emoji for y'all to use making fun of someone

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