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Hello all, here's a new from me. I post pictures.

I also enjoy and . I also struggle with mental health as my followers-only audience knows well.

A couple tips: caption your images if possible and use capital letters in your hashtags so screen readers can handle them .

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It's a shame the Oscars weren't around 105 years ago to reward this cinematic gold

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Who's that just sitting there?

Oh, it's me, putting the cute in executive dysfunction

@error_1202 I just realized the date, it's your error day!

Wait, that sounds negative, but I don't mean it like that.

Here's the latest update on Comradery, which is aiming to create a co-op alternative to sites like Patreon

Ah, the age-new tension between password strength and the absolutely awful entry interface of TV apps.

Food, hot take 

Bakeries put too much frosting on cakes.


Calliope is in the background, having profited from the distraction of new hay to steal the others' treats.

There's a Ring video doorbell commercial where a girl throws a snowball at the camera and I think that should be commonly adopted but perhaps with more ice than snow.

Flashback to late last year, when Thalia and Clio were still babies

Last boost: late to the party, but I really like this font.

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I never thought Mastodon could be summed up by one bag of candy but nevertheless here we are

Since it's comics day this ending to one of Calvin's imagination sequences is my approach to school/work

There's a webinar next Wednesday about mutual aid.

Remaking the Economy: Mutual Aid, 3 City Case Studies

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