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Hello all, here's a new from me. I post pictures.

I also enjoy and . I also struggle with mental health as my followers-only audience knows well.

A couple tips: caption your images if possible and use capital letters in your hashtags so screen readers can handle them .

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It's a shame the Oscars weren't around 105 years ago to reward this cinematic gold

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Who's that just sitting there?

Oh, it's me, putting the cute in executive dysfunction

Since disability access is being talked about today this is just a reminder that the state of Oregon settled a lawsuit over sidewalk accessibility by agreeing to upgrade all inadequate curb ramps by 2032.

That's only 42 years after the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into law.

If it actually happens.

Silly joke, can't remember where I originally saw it, maybe here 

Q: What's the most common programming language?

A: Profanity

Fire dispatch report, amusing (3/3) 

"Ladder 7 had a good laugh with the caller and asked if they could keep the cat toy 'since we saved her life.' The owner happily obliged, thanking firefighters for their service.

A flashy new decoration now brightens up the gear lockers at Fire Station 7."


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Fire dispatch report, amusing (2/3) 

"That’s where they found a light-up cat toy. One firefighter grabbed the toy, held it up, and activated it.

'Is this what you saw?' he asked. With a laugh and a bit of embarrassment, the caller confirmed that, yes, this was the same light she saw under the dishwasher. 'It was all different colors,' she described.

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Fire dispatch report, amusing (1/3) 

"Ladder Co. 7‌ was dispatched along with a full structure fire response to a home on Hammersley Road after someone reported seeing sparks under her dishwasher. Firefighters were greeted by the caller, who directed the crew to the kitchen. 

There was no smoke or odor of anything burning as Ladder 7 entered the residence. Firefighters took off the footplate at the bottom of the dishwasher to check for electrical hazards.

Food, odd product name 

I get wanting to emphasize it's vegan but honestly this name sounds like something that comes out of a cow.

Me: Bah! Why did I ball up my headphones, now they are tangled.

Also me, every time: *takes off headphones, balls them up*

US state politics, Wisconsin 

Wisconsin put a Juneteenth flag up for the first time ever, but took the pride flag down to do it.

The governor also released this list of police reform bills that are assuredly dead on arrival in the right-wing legislature.

Tulsa Race Massacre, podcast 

This Smithsonian Sidedoor episode was released 3.5 years ago but it's timely as ever.

"In 1921, a riot destroyed almost 40 blocks of a wealthy black neighborhood in North Tulsa, Oklahoma. No one knows exactly how many people died, no one was ever convicted, and no one really talked about it until nearly a century later. In this episode, Sidedoor explores the story of the Tulsa Race Massacre and why it's important that you know it."

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