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Hello all, here's a new from me. I post pictures.

I also enjoy and . I also struggle with mental health as my followers-only audience knows well.

A couple tips: caption your images if possible and use capital letters in your hashtags so screen readers can handle them .

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It's a shame the Oscars weren't around 105 years ago to reward this cinematic gold

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Who's that just sitting there?

Oh, it's me, putting the cute in executive dysfunction

Thinking about replacing the post button on every social media or commenting site with this.

Guinea pig red eyes 

Accidentally left the flash on 😖 when taking a pic of Calliope in my gf's hoodie and she's got those wild eyes

Mars landing, it landed! 

It landed it landed!

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First a holiday for the guy from The Sheik, now a holiday for the guy from Pokémon? What a week!

I can't believe they made an entire holiday for the guy from The Sheik

A fun thing about telling the average person some software is open source is that you can tell them the ingredients of toothpaste and the knowledge is just as useful.

This video proves snowmen need better armor than vegetables to face rampaging guinea pigs:

Blurry photo 

Calliope and Kiki thought my phone was food, so no good pictures of them

Cropped in on Calliope. We got them some...I guess you could call them compressed hay disks. They're just a different type of food and the pigs were intrigued.

Calliope ate herself to sleep, what a dream

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Yes, that is Calliope asleep under the far arch with her face up against her food

Stocks, Gamestop 

OK wake me up when the bored money-having reddit people create an alternate app called LittleJohn or FriarTuck or AlanaDale to buy and sell but until then I don't want to care anymore.

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Guinea Pig Party!

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