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Hello all, here's a new from me. I post pictures.

I also enjoy and . I also struggle with mental health as my followers-only audience knows well.

A couple tips: caption your images if possible and use capital letters in your hashtags so screen readers can handle them .

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It's a shame the Oscars weren't around 105 years ago to reward this cinematic gold

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Who's that just sitting there?

Oh, it's me, putting the cute in executive dysfunction

Today I learned that D'Arby Myers, who had an incredibly awful first half in the minor leagues in 2008 is not only still playing pro baseball but also apparently changed his name to Johnni Turbo.

Hm this seems like a quite interesting book.

To Govern the Globe
World Orders and Catastrophic Change
by Alfred W. McCoy

Unprecedented Culver's experience: we got our order at the drive through window

New York newspaper quiz wants everyone to move within New England 🤔🤔

I'm actually pretty curious about this. Not curious enough to drop work and try and research it, but if you know I'd really appreciate an answer!

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What did people say instead of "deadline" before the 1860s, or did no one have to get anything done?

I don't know much about blockchain but it seems to me if every entity on it has a unique identifier or whatever then it's advocates could be 1 million percent more popular by using it to ensure the person calling me is someone I want to talk to and not about my (non-existent) car's warranty rather than using it to exchange ugly pictures, but then again I'm just a dumdum.

I wonder how many Nancy "Lil" McGills there are in the world 🦝

If I was an audio-only medium I would simply not name my app Audasy or any other word that can be spelled innumerable ways.

Guinea pig formula: 90% potato, 2% stilts, 8% poops left behind

OK I hated the Beloit Sky Carp minor league baseball team's new name but then I saw the logos.

Oh...well, then.

Turns out you can take horses to the Old Town Road.

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