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It's a shame the Oscars weren't around 105 years ago to reward this cinematic gold

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Who's that just sitting there?

Oh, it's me, putting the cute in executive dysfunction

Do you need an appetite suppressant? Have you considered throughly cleaning your keyboard? 🤢

UK politics, US politics 

Actual LOL at the dry AF delivery of the second line here:

"He didn't like that his name wasn't pronouncable in Hindi and thus naming the mountain Everest was, in a way, taking the mountain away from its own people.
"However, taking things away from their various colonies was something the British excelled at in this time period."

Fun fact: unlike the British royals, royals don't have to take their husband's name if they aren't noble

I didn't really expect to have an uncanny valley reaction to a podcast but here we are.

One of the guinea pig babies, Clio, has been too scared to grab food from me directly. It's understandable because I think even adult me would be cautious about someone orders of magnitude my size.

But today she came out of hiding, trembling something fierce, and bravely took the vitamin tablet I held out for her! :blobcheer:

Taking a moment to think about all the youths who will never understand why Zoolander's tiny cellphone was amusing.

We can't trust these *government* scientists with all that data. But you know who you can trust? Your friends at AccuWeather dot com, working to bring you forecasts around the clock. And for just $4.99 per month you can get watches and warnings as they're issued!

It's not hard to see these sudden doubts about NOAA being used to push for more private weather contracts at the weather service's (and people's) expense.

I mean, is the guy who ran AccuWeather and attempted to undermine the weather service before just happening to be nominated for a position overseeing the weather service really going to be sad right now?

"Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but would it kill you to give them something to behold?"

Hmm not really a fan of this aggressive guilting from my employer's wellness incentive provider 🤔

The fediverse is Mario, @muppetbutler is Brooky Kong, and Morty Mask Man is yet another barrel rolled toward us.

weight update!

Calliope: 942 grams, +53 since last Monday
Clio: 562, +62
Thalia: 581, +75

Little babies not so little!

If I were making a cobbler I'd simply include the best shoe making talent I could find, regardless of ingredients.


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