@sophia how are tasty soup and casserole doing with an active little pupperfriend?

@boisdevache They get on fine, mostly ignore each other and then occasionally soup gets upset because obviously.

I haven't been around the buns much lately tho, they're in the living room and I'm stuck in bed so they've had a small reprieve from pup hyperactivity. Beans, on the other hand, not so impressed

@sophia aw, I hope you feel better soon. I'm sure the buns miss you even if it's really just missing the opportunity to be sassy jerks more often.

@sophia pretty good! Gussy hasn't picked up much weight but he alsohasn't lost so that's good. He gets his teeth checked and probably trimmed tomorrow. Jaq is still roly poly and enjoying snacks whenever he can convince either of us the other hasn't fed him in several entire MINUTES.

@boisdevache haha this is so similar to the buns. Glad they're doing ok!

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