If this isn't the one religious holiday Mastodon folks would all get behind, I don't know what is.

Latin text 

If not for the last line this stanza on Wikipedia 👀

Orientis partibus
Adventavit Asinus
Pulcher et fortissimus
Sarcinis aptissimus.
Hez, Sire Asnes, car chantez,
Belle bouche rechignez,
Vous aurez du foin assez
Et de l'avoine a plantez.

(From the Eastern lands, the Ass comes, beautiful and brave, fit to bear burdens. Up! Sir Ass, and sing. Open your pretty mouth. Hay will be yours in plenty, and oats in abundance.)

boss: Why aren't you working?
Me: It is the Feast of the Ass so I thought you'd be celebrating
Boss: Why you!

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